Visits to the Delegation


Thursday, 27 de april de 2023

On the occasion of the Coworkids project funded by the European Erasmus+ programme, a delegation from Pamplona City Council composed of Celia Pinedo, Inés Lobera and Adriana Baines visited the Delegation, together with the six students whose projects were selected: Santiago Sarasa, Itziar Castro, Carlos Collantes, Lorea Flores, Itziar Maya, and Javier Díaz de Cerio. Since last January, a total of 84 teenagers aged between 13 and 17 have participated weekly in the second edition of the Destination Brussels project, designed and organised by COworkids with funding from the European Commission's Erasmus + programme. The young people have met in two groups, in the Rochapea and Lezkairu neighbourhoods, respectively, where fourteen talks and debates have taken place. During their visit to Brussels, they have visited the delegation and we have been able to help them with the preparation of the agenda for them to visit European institutions and hold meetings with European representatives and employees of the institutions.

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