Visits to the Delegation

Students visit of the Erasmus+ COworkids project of the Pamplona City Council

Tuesday, 5 de july de 2022

During the past 28 and 29 June, we have had the pleasure of hosting the visit of four students selected by the Erasmus+ COworkids project of the Pamplona City Council. Since the beginning of the year, the municipal COworkids programme, coordinated by Celia Pinedo, has developed a European project with funding from the European Commission, within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. A total of 50 adolescents have participated in 15 training sessions. The topics addressed have sensitized young people about the role of the European Union in the day-to-day life of citizenship, gender equality policies in Europe, as well as environmental measures or the Sustainable Development Goals. The four selected students were selected after presenting to an external jury an idea, suggestion or question that they would ask the authorities in Brussels, that is, for 3 minutes, they presented a "topic of conversation" on which they had worked in previous months.

In the photo we see the students whose projects were selected: Miguel Arizcuren, Steven Morocho, Alexia Cilveti and Daniel Arzoz; together with them, José Manuel Fernández Arroyo, DG EAC (European Commission), Alicia Clavería, Social Integration technician of COworkids Iturrama, and from our delegation, Beatriz Irala, Jon Antomás, Cristina Celaya and Ana García.

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