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Here you will find thematic files, guides, brochures, monographs and other publications produced by the delegation of Navarre to the European Union. These publications are the result of monitoring European policies, regulations and financing opportunities, which could be of interest to Navarre. Often, they result from events we attend or organize from Brussels.

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Date Title Theme/s Network/s Download
20/06/2024 ERRIN's Spring Annual General Meeting Cross-cutting issues ERRIN
13/06/2024 Aid to Research Centers for EVOLTIN training activities Cross-cutting issues
11/06/2024 European Sustainable Energy Week Green energy industry
05/06/2024 Let's reduce consumer food waste! Solutions from the European Consumer Food Waste Forum Healthy and sustainable food
31/05/2024 Information leaflet of the Delegation of Navarra to the EU (updated)
31/05/2024 Participation of Navarra in EU institutions Cross-cutting issues
30/05/2024 Aid for hiring promoters and managers of European projects 2024 Cross-cutting issues
29/05/2024 EUROPA + CERCA, Horizon Europe Company Mission Cross-cutting issues
24/05/2024 Report on the Seconded National Expert Cross-cutting issues
22/05/2024 Monitoring the Just Transition of automotive regions in the EU Electric and connected mobility
17/05/2024 Aid to companies within the framework of the Europe +Cerca 2024 Program Cross-cutting issues
16/05/2024 Aid for the preparation and presentation of projects to community R&D&I programs (SIC 2024 Bonds) Cross-cutting issues
15/05/2024 Skills in the health sector Personalised medicine
15/05/2024 European Digital Summit Cross-cutting issues
14/05/2024 Knowledge valorisation for local and regional innovation and research ecosystems Cross-cutting issues
14/05/2024 Quick guide about the European Parliament and the importance of the 2024 European elections Cross-cutting issues
03/05/2024 Aid for clusters and platforms for competitiveness and business innovation 2024 Cross-cutting issues
02/05/2024 CBE JU Call 2024: Advancing Europe´s circular bio-based economy Green energy industry Cross-cutting issues BIC Bioeconomy Platform
30/04/2024 The European Year of Skills What comes Next Cross-cutting issues
29/04/2024 Got Skills? Level Up Cross-cutting issues
25/04/2024 Investing in Skills in Europe's regions and cities Cross-cutting issues Institutions and other organizations
16/04/2024 9th Just Transition Platform Green energy industry Cross-cutting issues
12/04/2024 ENACT. Members talk. Towards a closer cooperation with Regions Cross-cutting issues
26/03/2024 The Next Steps on the Tourism Transition Pathway Sustainable tourism ERRIN
20/03/2024 Swedish Innovation Days Green energy industry Cross-cutting issues
19/03/2024 CORE Meeting Post Competitiveness Council Cross-cutting issues
14/03/2024 ERRIN. Energy and climate change Green energy industry ERRIN
13/03/2024 Call of the partnership THCS Transforming Health and Care Systems Personalised medicine Transformation of health systems
13/02/2024 Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) Mid-term Evaluation. Contributions of Regions for UE Recovery (R4EUR) initiative Cross-cutting issues
05/02/2024 Call to finance 6G smart networks and services in 2024 Cross-cutting issues Smart Networks and Services
30/01/2024 Call 2024 - Clean Hydrogen Partnership Green energy industry Hydrogen Valleys
22/01/2024 European initiative PRIMA - info day 2024 Cross-cutting issues
22/01/2024 New calls for Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) 2024 Personalised medicine Cross-cutting issues Innovative Health Initiative
22/01/2024 Call "EP PerMed Joint Transnational Call" Personalised medicine Personalized Medicine
01/12/2023 European Hydrogen Week 2023 Green energy industry Institutions and other organizations
30/11/2023 ERA4Health NanoTecMec Call 2024 Cross-cutting issues ERA for Health
22/11/2023 ERA4Health NutriBrain Call 2024 Personalised medicine ERA for Health
16/11/2023 EUSEW 2024 Info Session Green energy industry Institutions and other organizations
09/11/2023 Map of Navarre's participation in European networks Cross-cutting issues
08/11/2023 Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) new calls 2024 Personalised medicine Innovative Health Initiative
08/11/2023 Guide to the energy transition in Navarre - Towards a low carbon economy Green energy industry Institutions and other organizations
03/11/2023 Gender Equality Index 2023 Cross-cutting issues Institutions and other organizations
03/11/2023 ERRIN: Innovations for the creation of greener cities Green energy industry ERRIN
26/10/2023 The Spanish Presidency and the future of European digitalization Cross-cutting issues Institutions and other organizations
23/10/2023 Built4People Stakeholder Forum 2023 Green energy industry Built4People
23/10/2023 DUT CALL 2023 INFO DAY 2 Green energy industry DUT
20/10/2023 EU & Regional Innovation Scor3board 2023 Cross-cutting issues Institutions and other organizations
13/10/2023 'Key to success': the essentials for submitting a successful proposal Cross-cutting issues Institutions and other organizations
10/10/2023 BIOTRANSFORM working group Governance and financing challenges for circular bioeconomy Green energy industry ACR+
04/10/2023 ERRIN: Regional examples on mental health Personalised medicine ERRIN